One crew of sand ship to the sinking of five crewmembers in the waters of the Tongling section of the Yangtze River

One crew of sand ship to the sinking of the Yangtze River Tongling waters 5 crew members missing diesel generator | diesel generator price / 2013-02-17

The reporter learned from the Propaganda Department of Tongling Municipal Committee on the 17th that at 6:27 on February 16, the Tongling Marine Department received the report through the high-frequency system: Hefei Golden Boating Co., Ltd. Jinfan No. 3888 sailed from Chizhou to the waters near the Tongling Foreign Trade Pier in the Yangtze River Sunk, five crew members lost contact on board. As of the press release, the salvage work continues and the missing crew is unlikely to survive.
According to the director of the Tongling Maritime Affairs Bureau Zhang Yajun, the salvage force is currently being increased, and downstream maritime security departments and past ships are required to pay close attention to the situation of the missing.
After the accident, the Tongling Marine Department of the Wuhu Branch of the Yangtze River Maritime Bureau immediately dispatched three maritime vessels to search and rescue the waters in distress. The Tongling Police Station of the Changhang Public Security Bureau and the Public Security Marine Force of the Tongling Municipality sent additional patrol boats to organize search and rescue.
Li Bin, governor of Anhui Province, issued instructions and instructions in a timely manner and requested that all efforts be made to search and rescue work to minimize losses. Huang Ling, the standing committee member and deputy mayor of Tongling Municipal Party Committee, and Zou He, the director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, rushed to the scene to direct the search and rescue work.
At present, Tongling City and the Yangtze River Marine Department have deployed professional teams from the Wuhu Yangtze Fishing Company to search and salvage missing persons. The cause of the accident is still under investigation. (Finish)
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