The "Yellow River Water" has been ranked for 20 years in a mother river in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province.

"Yellow River water" straight row in Zhejiang Wenzhou, a mother river diesel generator for 20 years | diesel generators price / 2013-02-20

Continuous environmental protection incidents in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province have attracted many concerns. On the 20th, netizens again broke the news. In Cangnan County of Wenzhou City, there was a steady stream of “Yellow River water” flowing into the Hengyang branch of the Lingxi River in the county. The river was considered by the locals as the “Mother River”. Emissions Unit - The chief Soviet engineer of the county water plant stated that the treated sewage only causes turbidity pollution and its emissions are non-toxic and harmless. This type of inline water treatment has been in place for 20 years.
This news was revealed on Weibo. The netizen “citizens have power” stated on Weibo: “Cangnan is striking out the Yellow River water! Cangnan Lingxi is a drainage outlet in the Hengyang branch of the Yangtze River. It actually discharged yellow turbid sewage in the daytime. After learning about it, I learned that it was discharged from Cangnan Waterworks. I do not know if such turbidity can be discharged directly. It pollutes the mother river and affects the appearance of the city."
Today, the reporter contacted the netizen Mr. Chen. He told the reporter that the river belongs to the rated branch of the eight major water systems in Zhejiang, the Lancang River basin, and is a main river channel in the area. “This is our mother river. Many people wash vegetables, wash clothes, and swim here.”
At the same time, Mr. Chen told reporters that he listened to the villagers and said that the sewage was from the water plant in Cangnan County in Wenzhou, and the sewage produced was discharged directly into the mother river without precipitation equipment.
In the face of doubts, the reporter contacted the Cangnan County Water Plant in Wenzhou City. The Su’s chief engineer stated that the treated sewage only caused turbidity pollution and its emissions were non-toxic and harmless.
Su Chief Engineer first briefly introduced the entire process of tap water treatment, that is, raw raw water was treated with alum and disinfectant after being filtered and processed into edible water. "The proportion of alum and disinfectant used is strictly controlled, and a small amount of chemicals will not cause excessive pollution to the water."
"After the treatment, mud and sand are discharged, and the sensory water is considered to be 'Yellow River'," Su said.
"The emissions will only produce turbidity pollution, the river is completely capable of self-purification, and the water treatment agent is also completely non-toxic and harmless." Su chief engineer told reporters that this type of straight-line water treatment has been in the local It has been used for more than 20 years and is being implemented throughout the country.
Facing this kind of "extensive" water treatment method, Su Chief Engineer also admitted to reporters: "At present, only the raw water and treated water quality are monitored, and there is no monitoring of the discharged water bodies."
Therefore, he told reporters that in the future, he will consider introducing a set of sediment drying treatment system to dry the produced wastewater. "The sediment after drying can be used for secondary treatment such as landfill and flowering."
The reporter has learned that the environmental protection department of Wenzhou City has been in the public opinion center for several days. Some people are offering rewards of RMB 20,000 to 300,000 for Ryan and Cangnam Environmental Protection Bureau to swim in the river, and Ruian half a ton of latex to create the “Blue Danube River”. The people began spontaneously. Environmental issues "declared war." (Finish)
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