"High-efficiency, high-power semiconductor laser c…

High power semiconductor laser chip is the cornerstone and source of the entire laser processing industry chain. It is the precondition and guarantee to realize the compact size, light weight and stable power output of the laser system. It can be widely used in advanced manufacturing, medical beau-----

Wireless Bridge Usage Method

The continuous innovation of technology products, in order to meet the security industry and major network cabling engineering companies, the market has emerged a lot of high-tech products, the following to introduce the digital wireless bridge products in the market demand and use! First, the use-----

Talking about solid-state battery technology: safety is…

“After a short time, 10 solid-state battery production lines will be built in China.” Recently, at a technical development seminar on new energy vehicles, the news released by relevant experts caught the attention of reporters. At a time when liquid batteries "swept" the entir-----

Fire command vehicle function introduction

Do not know if you have noticed that when the fire brigade is performing its mission, there will always be a fire command vehicle in several fire engines? In fact, it and other fire engines are not very different, they are generally used in red and white co-----

What are the advantages of mobile toilets?

In some large venues, such as supermarkets, hospitals, and parking lots, everyone can see public toilets. However, when people participate in some large-scale activities, they will always be troubled by the problem of going to the toilet. At this time, it n-----

Mobile Vending Car Features

Now many commercial streets and densely populated places can see the shadow of mobile sales vehicles . In this era of faster overall pace, the rhythm of people’s lives is getting faster than before, and this kind of car is precisely because Accomplis-----

Summer car engine maintenance tips

Introduction: In order to avoid scorching sun burning, people go out more and more to choose to drive, and in such a high temperature for the car's heart - the car engine is also a great challenge. It provides power for the car's movement, and it is related to the dynamics, economy-----