Mold manufacturing brand sustainable development strate…

The brand not only best reflects the corporate culture and the company's significant interests, but also maintains the interests of the company's employees. The brand's operations can build an excellent team. Mold enterprise's brand management can help employees establish c-----

How to prevent the summer coolant temperature from bein…

In order to prevent the summer coolant temperature from being too high, in the process of using the car, attention should be paid to the following aspects: (1) Proper use of closed cooling system Modern car engines use closed cooling systems, radiator caps are sealed, and an expansion tank is a-----

Yangzhou explores a new model for the development of se…

On May 8th, the scientific research institutes attending the 13th National MOCVD Conference and the experts and entrepreneur representatives of the National Thousand Talents Program came to the National Semiconductor Lighting High-tech Industrialization Base in Yangzhou. During the inspection and e-----

Automotive lighting is transforming towards LED

With the development of automotive industry technology becoming more intelligent and green, automotive lighting is transforming from the traditional lighting field to the emerging LED field. In recent years, the technology of LED has been continuously developed, the shortcomings of technology have-----

Domestic smart lighting market continues to expand

In response to the call of the country to develop smart cities, China has been actively promoting the development of intelligent industries. Since the end of the 1990s, the development of China's intelligent building industry has matured. At present, the market size of China's intelligent b-----

First Disclosure of Jeep Channel Planning

On May 6th, Eastern Time, the first five-year plan and target release after the establishment of the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Group was undoubtedly the most prominent concern. The Jeep brand was tied with the Fiat brand and became the main force of the FCA. Source of sales. The rap-----

Mastering core technologies Dry equipment competition f…

The long-term technical backwardness has caused the drying equipment industry in China to face the realm of internal and external problems. Due to the small scale and application, it has not formed sufficient scale applications, mostly relying on multi-species and small-batch production. Although th-----