Automotive lighting is transforming towards LED

With the development of automotive industry technology becoming more intelligent and green, automotive lighting is transforming from the traditional lighting field to the emerging LED field. In recent years, the technology of LED has been continuously developed, the shortcomings of technology have-----

Domestic smart lighting market continues to expand

In response to the call of the country to develop smart cities, China has been actively promoting the development of intelligent industries. Since the end of the 1990s, the development of China's intelligent building industry has matured. At present, the market size of China's intelligent b-----

First Disclosure of Jeep Channel Planning

On May 6th, Eastern Time, the first five-year plan and target release after the establishment of the FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) Group was undoubtedly the most prominent concern. The Jeep brand was tied with the Fiat brand and became the main force of the FCA. Source of sales. The rap-----

Mastering core technologies Dry equipment competition f…

The long-term technical backwardness has caused the drying equipment industry in China to face the realm of internal and external problems. Due to the small scale and application, it has not formed sufficient scale applications, mostly relying on multi-species and small-batch production. Although th-----

4 major item inspection items for large temperature dif…

In spring and summer, the temperature changes are quite different. For automobiles, we must experience changes in the aspects of oil and gas brought about by the temperature rise, and do a good job of checking and maintaining the vehicles in advance in order to better prevent vehicle outages. You-----

Technical advantages of metal laser cutting machine

[New weather after year, cutting machine through the bottom price. The lowest price of the entire network, all kinds of custom cutting machine will be 50% discount wholesale order price, a small piece of drawings to achieve a three-dimensional 3D cutting machine parts, where to set -----

Using Coordinated Thinking to Improve the Level of Logi…

In 2013, the demand for logistics in our province grew rapidly, and the added value of the logistics industry continued to grow steadily. In today's booming logistics industry, how to improve the service level of urban logistics? How to solve the "last mile" of urban logistic-----