To seize the development of advanced tire giants launched in 2013 in China layout

The Chinese market has become the “big cake” in the eyes of multinational tire dealers. Every year, companies will dig their brains and think about the layout of the Chinese market, taking measures such as building new plants, expanding production capacity, and establishing R&D centers. Then, in the new year, what kinds of "movements" will these "crocodile" tires use in China?

Capital increase and expansion into normal

Bridgestone plans to establish a new company in Kaiping, Guangdong Province to produce, manufacture and sell foam rubber, urethane and precision electronic components. The new plant is expected to be put into production later this year.

According to Bridgestone public relations company sources, from the past, Bridgestone will introduce new production lines or increase production capacity every year according to the Chinese market conditions.

According to the industrial plan released by Pirelli, the production volume of its motorcycle radial tire production line will increase to 1 million in two years, and will add another 200 million U.S. dollars to its factory in Ganzhou this year and next, and the output will increase from 4.1 million to 10 million. /year; By 2014, its number of retail stores in China will expand to more than 3,000, and the number of distributions in two key areas in Guangdong and Fujian will account for about 15%-20% of the national total; between 2011 and 2014, Pirelli The Asia-Pacific market revenue is expected to increase by an average of 23% annually, and exceeded 650 million euros in 2014.

Pirelli China PR manager Li Rui told reporters that in 2013, Pirelli will operate in full accordance with the original plan, unless there is an emergency situation, otherwise it will not easily change the plan.

Michelin currently has a total annual capacity of 8 million plants in Shanghai and Shenyang. According to the Michelin China plan, by the time the capacity of Shenyang's new plant gradually reaches its peak by 2015, its total capacity in China is expected to approach 20 million. At that time, at least 60% of its products will be used to attack the high-end market.

The second phase of the Hefei plant of the Continental Group's brand tire company was groundbreaking in 2012. It is expected to be completed in July this year and reach design capacity in 2015. By then, its net sales revenue is expected to reach 2.34 billion yuan, and tax revenue will reach 270 million yuan.

The second phase of Sumitomo Rubber (Hunan) Co., Ltd. expansion project kicked off earlier this year. According to the assistant chairman of the board of directors of Sumitomo Rubber (China) Co., Ltd., the project is planned to be completed by 2015. By then, it will produce 30,000 tires per day, with an annual output of 10.5 million pieces and sales of 3 billion yuan.

Goodyear ’s global operating profit target for 2013 is US$1.6 billion, and it plans to increase its annual tire production capacity to 195 million in 2013 and increase the proportion of high value-added tire products to 77%. The company also revealed that its tire production in China in 2013 and 2015 targets 8.2 million and 11.6 million tires, respectively.


Midwest and high-end markets become "power points"

The first phase of the Hankook Tire Plant in Chongqing was officially put into operation. It is expected that 2.5 million tires will be produced this year. The factory's project is divided into four phases. The first and third phase of the project produce card passenger car tires. The second and fourth phases of the project produce passenger car tires. It is reported that in 2014, the factory's production capacity will reach 6.3 million; in 2015, the project will be completed, and its annual output of tires will reach 11.6 million.

Han Chao’s Fang Chao of the Tire Market Department told the reporter that at present, there have been no other notifications regarding the 2013 plan in China, but he stated that the Chinese market is a “big head” of the global market of Hankook and the company has always attached great importance and has been Intensify investment, especially in the Midwest market.

Recently, it was reported that Giti Tire plans to achieve the goal of building 10,000 professional retail stores in China within 2-3 years. Zhang Guan, the head of media of Giti China, is not sure whether to invest or build factories in China in the future, but she disclosed Giti's 2013 trends in other areas: Several new tires for passenger tires will be launched in China and will be commercially available in China. The tire market will be sorted and subdivided; there will be further actions in the service of professional teams.

Manager Zhang also pointed out that Giti has always been focusing on products and services, and in recent years it has been transitioning to the mid- to high-end market. Among the currently-supported models, more than 70% are high-end cars. Based on the consolidation of the cooperation relationship of the original auto brands, Jiatong is further developing cooperation with joint venture auto companies.

The chairman of Kumho Tire China, Li Hanbiao, said at the “2012 Final Review Conference” that in 2013, Kumho Tire upgraded its business philosophy to “enhance the quality of life of Kumho Tire benefit-sharing people” and will pay more attention to the system of corporate value. To build and actively improve and optimize the company's channel management and service policies, further promote corporate culture and environmental construction, and continue to invest in social welfare activities.

Looking ahead to 2013, most of the world’s tire companies are optimistic and have stated that they will continue to increase investment. Cai Weimin, secretary-general of the Rubber Branch of the China Rubber Association, believes that this year's tire industry in China will be better than last year, and the year-on-year growth rate will be higher than last year.

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