Self-cleaning fluorspar powder technology test successfully

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China Drying Network On February 18, a news report was sent from the Nanchang National High-tech Industrial Development Zone. The 1,000-ton fluorsparilite fluorspar powder production pilot plant invested by Nanchang Hongyijie Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully put into operation. Special high purity fluorite powder and by-product quality white carbon black. This project adopts a new technology for the production of fluorspar powder from self-cleaning fluosilicic acid, opens up new ways for the utilization of fluorosilicone waste from Phosphorus Chemical Industry, and is also expected to provide a sufficient new source of increasingly scarce fluorite powder.

Analysis and testing by the Jiangxi Provincial Analysis and Testing Center, the fluorite powder product contains more than 98% calcium fluoride, silica content of less than 0.1%, in line with the requirements of GB5690-85 special grade, the quality is superior to the quality of mineral flotation derived Products. The specific surface area of ​​white carbon produced is 150 to 300 square meters per gram, and the content is more than 99%.

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