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Gas Alarm Product Overview
HA-818D combustible gas detector series adopts high-quality catalytic combustion gas sensor, which has long service life, stable operation, good consistency, wide environmental adaptability range and no need for debugging. The gas alarm adopts hanging piece ceiling mounting method and is easy to install. It is convenient for wiring and is widely used for safety monitoring in places where flammable gases exist in homes, hotels, apartments, etc. It can detect natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas and artificial gas.
The gas alarm can emit an audible and visual alarm signal when the concentration of flammable gas in the environment reaches a set threshold.
When the ambient flammable gas concentration drops below the response threshold, the detector in the alarm state will automatically return to normal operation.
Gas alarm features
*High reliability semiconductor sensor
*With manual test / automatic reset function
*Gas alarm is controlled by microprocessor
* Automatic fault detection indication
*Detectable natural gas / liquefied petroleum gas
* Gas ​​alarm uses 3A/250V, high capacity relay
*The gas alarm is manufactured by SMT process and has strong stability.
*Gas alarm complies with national standard GB15322.2-2003
Gas alarm technical parameters:
Function: NO/NC, solenoid valve, robot
Suitable for gas: â–¡ natural gas â–¡ artificial gas
Gas alarm ambient temperature range: -10 ° C ~ 55 ° C (indoor use)
Gas alarm humidity range: <95/%
Gas alarm input voltage range: AC90 ~ 270V / 50Hz DC12-24V
Solenoid valve output: DC12V/300 mA
Storage temperature range: -25 ° C ~ 55 ° C
Gas alarm pressure limit: 86 ~ 106KPa
Power consumption: static power <1.2W, dynamic power <2W
Gas alarm life: 5 years
Use place: indoor
Gas alarm installation instructions
1. First determine the gas to be tested that is heavier or heavier than air, heavier than air: liquefied petroleum gas, etc.; gas that is lighter than air: natural gas, artificial gas, biogas, etc.
2. Install the detector in a suitable location depending on the weight of the gas.
When detecting gas heavier than air: Installed 0.3-1.0 m above the ground and 1.5 m away from the air source; when detecting gas lighter than air: Installed 0.3-1.0 m below the ceiling and 1.5 m away from the air source radius ( See the figure below).
3. Fix the detector bracket to the wall with the mounting screws and hang the gas alarm.
4. When installing the home, it should also be noted that the installation location should not be too close to the gas stove to prevent the detector from being baked by the flame of the stove; it should not be installed in a place with large smoke to avoid false alarm or the air intake of the detector. The intake air is not smooth, which affects the sensing sensitivity of the detector; it cannot be installed at the exhaust fan, the door and window, and the bathroom water vapor.
5. According to the correct wiring, all wiring installation must comply with national and local effective regulations and standards. Improper connection will result in a failure to properly alert in the event of a gas leak.
Gas alarm operating instructions
1, detector wiring instructions
(1) Check the label on the back of the product before wiring to determine the working voltage and output function of the product. The DC type working voltage is DC9-24V; the AC type working voltage is 220V. There is a 5PIN terminal line in the box
(2) AC type: the red line is connected to the AC power line, and the black line is connected to the AC line. DC type: The red line is connected to the positive pole of the DC power supply, and the black line is connected to the negative pole of the DC power supply.
2. Gas alarm product test:
(1) The gas alarm has a self-test button, which can be used to detect whether the detector LED and the buzzer can work normally. When the self-test button is pressed, the detector red LED and the yellow LED flash alternately, buzzing. The alarm sounds.
(2) It is forbidden to test the convection window directly with the detector gas, otherwise the sensor inside the detector will be damaged. For testing, the gas can be placed in an empty plastic water bottle, and then the bottle mouth of the mineral water bottle is vented to the detector's gas convection window for testing.
3, gas alarm alarm processing:
When the concentration of natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas in the ambient air reaches or exceeds the detector alarm concentration value, the gas alarm will automatically enter the continuous alarm state. In this case, the following processing should be done:
(1) Immediately close the pipeline valve.
(2) Avoid switching various electrical appliances.
(3) Open the window immediately to allow indoor air to circulate.
(4) Check the cause of gas leakage and promptly notify the relevant departments and relevant professionals to deal with it. If the detector is false positive, the user should check if the detector is installed properly.
Gas alarm notice:
1. This gas alarm is a flammable gas detector and cannot be used to detect toxic gases such as carbon monoxide.
2. The gas alarm must have the correct connection and the correct power supply. If the power supply is not available, the detector will not work.
3. When the gas alarm is working, it is normal for the surface of the casing to have a slight heat.
4. This gas alarm must be regularly maintained in accordance with the requirements of the manual.
5. Vacuum the surface of the detector with a vacuum cleaner once a month.
6. Do not wipe the detector with detergent or solvent. Chemicals can permanently damage or temporarily contaminate the sensor.
7. Avoid spraying air fresheners, hair sprays, paints or other aerosols near the detector.
8. In order to ensure the detection sensitivity of the detector, the professional should be calibrated to the detector every year, and it is found that the failure must be repaired or replaced as soon as possible.
9. The service life of the semiconductor sensor used in the gas detector is 5 years. When the service life is exceeded, please replace it in time.
10. This gas alarm can reduce the occurrence of accidents, but it cannot guarantee foolproof. For your safety, in addition to the proper use of this product, you should also be vigilant in daily life and strengthen your awareness of safety and disease prevention.
Gas alarm service:
1. Inspect the product on behalf of the customer; the product is strictly inspected before delivery after the assembly.
2. Handling customer visit letters and telephone complaints
3. Answer customer's consultation, collect customer's opinions on product quality, and improve according to the situation.
4, the gas alarm is free of charge for one year, replacement within three months, there are defects in manufacturing and quality during the warranty period, users can contact our company to apply for warranty
5, the scope of warranty does not include the shell, labels, etc.
6. When using this gas alarm, it should prevent the vent hole oil and dust from clogging. The company does not undertake the resulting defects and cleaning services.
7. The company does not bear the damage caused by the serious impact drop caused by the user himself or by disassembly or improper use.

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