Digging safety work guide

The forward head must be constructed according to the section of the roadway, and the dimensions of each part must conform to the design of the roadway section.

The pit diameter and the shed distance must strictly implement the operating procedures, the components must be complete, the wooden wedges should be tightened, the sheds should be solid and powerful, and the tops must be braked.

Before entering the work surface, it is necessary to check whether the line passing by the cart has broken beams and other safety hazards. Once it is found, it should be disposed of immediately. After the treatment is completed, it can be safely entered before entering the work surface.

When digging the working face, the soil should be carried out in the order from top to bottom and the upper edge of the umbrella and the separated soil should be removed in time. After the top of the soil is finished, immediately use the brake lever to pick the top. The brake rod should have sufficient strength.

The depth of the column is not less than 15cm; the shed interface should be tightly jointed, and there should be no lip loss or post-poor phenomenon; the shed should be erected correctly, and there should be no forward tilting.

It is necessary to carefully select the soil. The Grade I soil and the remaining grades of the original soil should be strictly divided to ensure that the original soil is classified and shipped, and the primary pollution of the original soil in the underground should be removed.

In the specified location, wood debris and wedges and other debris must not be mixed into the Class I original soil.

The air cylinder should not be more than 6m away from the working surface, and the air cylinder should be hung straight, and the crack should be glued in time.

The loading capacity of transport vehicles should not be too large, and the distance between the vehicles should not exceed 0.5m.

1.Municipal sanitation, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, electric power, automobile, ship, railway road, construction, metallurgy, cement, pharmaceutical, food processing, mining and other industrial fields.

2.Remove the sticks, stains, etc .; machinery and equipment, parts, etc .;

3. sand, castings, templates, etc .;

4.Cleaning surface attachments, dirt: buildings, equipment, ground, road, wall, etc .;

5.Clear the plug: all kinds of pipes, tube, etc .;

6.remove dirt, chemical residues: all kinds of containers, barrels, ponds, pipes and so on;

7. Ship (Boat) cleaning:  included  hull cleaning, ship surface treatment, ship paint, remove oyster, deck cleaning.

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