What are the advantages of mobile toilets?

In some large venues, such as supermarkets, hospitals, and parking lots, everyone can see public toilets. However, when people participate in some large-scale activities, they will always be troubled by the problem of going to the toilet. At this time, it needs a floating toilet car. What are the advantages of mobile toilet cars ?


Mobile toilets , as the name suggests, are vehicles that can be readily flown and provide relevant services to people in need. Its main advantages are the following:

1, the automatic flushing speed is faster, no residual odor: Compared to the traditional public toilets, mobile toilets are generally compressed air and water mixed release high-pressure gas water through a special nozzle on the toilet to flush the feces, urine flushing water once for Two hundred milliliters, the stool flushed twice with a total of four hundred milliliters of water, and the toilet bowl used in the toilet was a drop-in weighted sealed baffle toilet. It was clean and smell-free.

2, with its own antifreeze system to ensure the normal use of the winter: common; mobile toilet vehicles are designed with a frost protection system. As long as the antifreeze system it is installed in is in normal operation, it can be ensured that mobile toilet cars can still be used normally in low temperature environments.


3, the scope of application is more extensive: the so-called mobile toilet car is on the basis of the original, can move with the time, local changes in the toilet. Therefore, mobile toilet cars can be seen around subways, train stations, and hospitals.

4, automatic control, can identify their own urine: Unlike traditional toilets, mobile toilet cars can identify their own urine, and can be washed according to the actual situation. It will not make this kind of problem a factor that affects everyone's normal life.

For mobile toilets, the author first introduced the advantages of the relevant parties. If you have some questions about these aspects before, you may wish to get some useful information through the author's article. Hope to help you.

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