Technical performance and structural characteristics of DLA090 CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe

Table 1 Machine tool technical parameter table Item standard value Distance between the top points (can be determined according to user requirements) mm0 Maximum machining diameter over the tool holder mm15 (1) Maximum machining diameter over the bed mm17 (1) Face plate diameter 5mm15 (1) Maximum load weight kg80 (1) 0 Spindle speed Low speed r/min1.4 140.31 Maximum allowable torque of the spindle 54 (1) 0 Main motor power kW80 Tool holder longitudinal movement Maximum stroke mm0 Tool holder lateral movement Maximum stroke mm6 (1) Tool holder lateral rapid traverse speed mm/mill60 (1) Tool holder longitudinal rapid traverse speed mm/min60 (1) Tool holder horizontal and vertical feed ( X, Z-axis) speed range mm / min0.05 300 rows infeed knives (UV shaft) speed range mm / min0.05 300 projecting blade row adjustment range mm4⑴ tailstock moving speed mm / min1980 tailstock sleeve moving speed Mm/min320 tailstock sleeve stroke mm3 (1) tool holder vertical and horizontal feed motor torque N°m58 cutter motor torque N°m224 grinding head motor power kW/11 grinding wheel line speed m/s30 milling motor power kW/15 milling Spindle speed (mechanical two gears) r/min40 and 1500 milling shaft maximum torque NDm4(1) DLA090 CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe is the basis of the technology of Wuhan Heavy Machinery Machine Tool Factory in the former Federal Republic of Germany world famous machine tool company SCHIESS-FRORIEP The new development (the first product is the Shanghai blower factory) DLA090 CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe has a maximum machining diameter of 91500mm and a maximum load capacity of 80t. The machine has the main motor indexing function, with milling device and milling head. Functional accessories such as grinding heads and inner hole tool holders not only have high processing precision, but also can complete multiple processes such as milling (grinding and grinding) and machining rotors and turbines. Key equipment for important parts such as spindles, rolls, and ship propeller drive shafts.
The technical performance and structural characteristics of the DLA090 are introduced and analyzed below.
The geometric accuracy and working precision of the machine tool all meet the requirements of national standards, and the average precision reserve is 4399%. Among them, the geometric precision reserve is 38%, and the numerical position accuracy reserve is 594%, especially the radial runout of the spindle tip. The axial movement of the main shaft is 0.005mm, and the precision reserve is about 70%. According to the international standard (ISO standard) and the German standard (DIN standard), it can basically meet the requirements. This shows that the DLA090 CNC heavy duty sleeper has a high manufacturing precision and can fully satisfy its function. Table 2 lists the measured values ​​of the main geometrical accuracy and working accuracy of the DLA090 CNC heavy duty horizontal lathe.
The DLA090 CNC heavy duty bed lathe has undergone various tests during the development process to test its operational reliability.
The dry running test of the machine tool includes the idle operation of the headstock, the idle operation of the feed system and the tail rotor running. The focus is on the high speed operation of the spindle head.
The maximum spindle speed of this machine is 140r/min. For a disk with a diameter of 1500mm and a weight of about 3t, the spindle speed is close to 700mmin. The spindle runs for one hour at 38rrmin and 140r/min. Smooth operation, no impact vibration, the oil pressure of each oil chamber of the main hydrostatic bearing is basically stable, except for a little noise (the machine tool is in the initial stage of operation, the gear pair of the main drive system has not been “running”, the noise is large, and the operation is long. After the time, this situation will be effectively improved), and other working conditions are normal.
When the disk rotation speed is 10r/mirn, the blade row is extended by 200mm, and the feed depth is 20mm, the feed amount is about 1.2mm/r, and the end face and the outer circle of the sample are respectively cut.
After the whole machine linkage continuous air running test determines the working procedure (the working program includes all functions and working range of the machine tool), the machine performs automatic cycle continuous operation for more than 16 hours without failure.
As a result, all the tests were successfully completed, which indicates that the machine tool has good operational reliability and can fully meet the user's requirements.
An important structural feature of contemporary heavy-duty machine tools is: typical structure, diversified functions, and modular design. The DLA090 CNC heavy-duty vehicle adopts the principle of modular design and considers the structure from the perspective of the whole series of general purpose, that is, the main components such as the bed, the headstock, the tailstock, the slide and the tool holder are respectively designed into several modules. It is composed of machine tools of various specifications. This design idea can standardize the layout of the machine tool. At the same time, it can greatly reduce the design and production cost, shorten the production cycle, and adapt to the market. Table 2 Machine accuracy comparison table mm test item measured value machine mark 08 full length 0.08 full length 0.08 bed in vertical guideways 00.04 / 1000 slideway in a horizontal plane parallel to the entire length of 0.05004 / 1â‘´00.04 / 10â‘´ movement of the carriage slide plate moves in a horizontal plane 0.05 0.05 full-length full-length full-length 0.05 0.025 0.05 tailstock moves Nene horizontal / surface 005 full-length full-length full-length 0.04 0.05 0.04 full-length full-length full-length top 004 radially hop 0150.015 0.04 spindle runout of disk spindle axis 0.â‘´8 radial runout end surface 02 near the spindle slide plate movement of the sleeve at the end of parallelism 0.0150.020030. 018 0.010.0150020 cylinder axis vertical plane. carriage 012 moves in a vertical plane to the spindle axis 0.0230.040040. parallelism of the lines 03 in a horizontal plane in a horizontal plane 0.010 .030030.03 lateral movement of the tool holder of the spindle axis perpendicular roundness of 0.01 / 5000.02 / 300002 / 3â‘´0.02 / 300 working accuracy of 0.â‘´8 DLA090 cylindrical finishing the bed divided into three sections, of which the main section of the bed pedestal Body, another The workpiece bed and the tool holder bed have two guide rails respectively, which are the whole bed structure, and the knife frame bed is integrated with the workpiece bed body, and has good structural rigidity.
At the same time, the lengths of the two-section four-track bed are different (two modules respectively). The bed of the same length can be used, and the bed of different lengths can be combined with the headstock bed to meet each user. Different requirements for the maximum length of the workpiece.
The tailstock consists of two parts, the upper body and the lower body, and is also two modules. The upper body of the tailstock is fixed on the lower body of the tailstock. In this way, when the height of the machine center is different, as long as the height of the headstock bed is adjusted, the tool holder and the tailstock lower body are replaced by different modules, and other components are basically versatile, which can meet the requirements, and is extremely convenient and flexible.
The functional accessories such as the inner hole tool holder and each center frame are designed into different modules. The user can select according to the specific situation, and the process adaptability is good, which can meet the use requirements without increasing the cost.
The main motor of the machine tool is a wide-regulated DC motor controlled by a thyristor, which adopts 6RA27 full digital DC speed control device. The main drive system has two mechanical stops and hydraulic shifting. There are two different encoders at the end of the spindle, which are used to meet the functional requirements of thread, constant speed cutting and indexing.
The machine has two independent feed mechanisms: the longitudinal movement of the slide and the lateral movement of the tool holder. The slide plate realizes longitudinal feed through the servo motor through the transmission gear box to the preloaded double gear mechanism; the tool holder body and the slide seat are fed horizontally through the transmission gear box through the transmission gear box to the preloaded ball screw. The longitudinal (Z-axis) guide rail and the lateral (X-axis) guide rail of the slide slide are closed constant-current hydrostatic guide rails, and the static pressure oil chamber is supplied by Wuzhong's unique multi-head pump. The guide rail moving the guide rail is the Teflon soft belt guide rail, and the guide rail soft belt is made by the American SHAMBAN company.
The tool holder changes the traditional multi-layer structure to a frame structure, which increases its rigidity.
The tool holder body is a steel casting piece, and there is one knife row on each of the left and right sides. The power is respectively transmitted from two servo motors to the ball screw through a pair of gears to drive the knife row to move.
The longitudinal movement of the machine slide (Z-axis) and the lateral movement of the left and right two-row rows (U-axis and V-axis) are all detected by a semi-closed loop using a pulse encoder (the grating ruler can also be used for full-closed detection, according to user requirements). The lateral movement (X-axis) of the slider holder is measured by the German Heidenhain scale for full-closed detection.
The numerical control system of the machine tool adopts Siemens 840D. Through the numerical control system, the two-axis linkage of the X-axis and the Z-axis can be realized. The Z-axis can be linked with the U-axis or the V-axis, and can also be connected with the spindle rotation for the thread and Constant speed cutting.
The operating system of the machine tool is concentrated on the control box on the left side of the platform. At the same time, there is a button station on the headstock and the tailstock, which makes the operation more convenient. In addition, the machine tool has a chip evacuation device and a cooling device. The bed rail and the slide tool rail are respectively equipped with a multi-layer telescopic stainless steel shield and a steel belt stainless steel shield to protect the high precision guide rail pair.
The headstock is a monolithic structure. The main shaft system and the main drive system are separated in the two chambers of the cabinet to facilitate control of the temperature rise of the main shaft and the return of the hydraulic system.
The structure of the spindle system is as shown. The bearings supported by the main shaft are radially hydrostatic bearings, and the axial direction is a high-precision thrust roller bearing. Among them, the two hydrostatic bearings are symmetrically arranged with four oil chamber structures, which have good centering and can ensure the spindle is outside. When the load increases and the direction changes, the high rotation accuracy can still be maintained; the axial force is absorbed by the thrust roller bearing. In this way, the spindle assembly has high precision, good rigidity, large carrying capacity and reasonable structural arrangement.
The main shaft is made of alloy steel, and the hydrostatic bearing sleeve is a copper sleeve. Therefore, the thermal expansion coefficients of the two are quite different, which is easy to cause failure. To this end, twelve sets of disc springs were designed, which were evenly distributed at the rear end of the main shaft, and the amount of thermal expansion of the main shaft and the copper sleeve was compensated by the amount of deformation.
In order to meet the requirements of high speed of the machine tool, the main drive large ring gear with a diameter of 91,380mm adopts high-strength alloy steel material 42CrM and adopts special heat treatment means in the process to ensure its high strength and wear resistance.
The maximum load-bearing weight of the machine tool is 80t. For this purpose, a static pressure bracket is arranged under the disk, and the external force is balanced by the pressure of the static pressure oil chamber, so that the spindle can withstand a large external load.
The hydraulic system of the hydrostatic bearing is a constant current static pressure system, one cavity and one pump. The flow rate of each oil chamber is the same, does not change with the oil pressure change, the external force increases, the oil chamber pressure also increases, and the oil film stiffness is high. Since the oil film in the hydrostatic oil chamber of the main shaft has sufficient rigidity and the pressure is in the third power relationship with the oil film thickness, the external force can only change the pressure distribution of the oil chamber, which can ensure the spindle has good rotation precision. The hydraulic system of the static pressure bracket is a constant pressure static pressure system. Two vane pumps of different flow rates are supplied in parallel. The oil chamber pressure can be set with the external load. Therefore, the static pressure bracket always balances the external load and is stable. Reliable support force allows the spindle to maintain normal working conditions for a long time.
2) The tailstock structure tailstock consists of two parts: the tailstock upper body and the tailstock lower body.
The upper body structure of the tailstock is as shown. The tailstock main shaft is supported by high-precision double-row cylindrical roller bearings and installed in the sleeve. The top end is integrated with the main shaft by screws. The tailstock sleeve can be moved axially in both motorized and manual modes. When maneuvering, the power is transmitted from the pair of gears of the motor to the worm gear mechanism to drive the sleeve to move; when manually, the special drive shaft equipped with the pinion gear is rotated by the wrench to drive the worm gear mechanism. There are six sets of disc springs and force measuring devices at the tail of the sleeve. The disc springs are used to compensate for the change of the length of the workpiece to be processed due to temperature or other factors. The force measuring device is mainly used to monitor the weight of different workpieces. Different pre-tightening forces, at the same time, during the machining process, when the pre-tightening force exceeds or decreases to the allowable value, it automatically alarms.
The lower body of the tailstock is equipped with a power device and a transmission system for driving the tailstock, and a toothed plate wedge device and a cylinder locking device for clamping the tailstock. For details, see the structure. The tooth plate is fixed integrally with the piston rod of the top-tightening cylinder, the other end of the piston rod is closely attached to the inclined surface of the locking block, and the locking block is fixed integrally with the piston rod of the locking cylinder. After the tailstock movement stops, the oil circuit of the top tightening cylinder is turned on, and the piston rod drives the tooth plate to automatically insert into the rack of the bed; after the tooth plate is in place, the oil circuit of the locking cylinder is turned on again, and the piston rod drives the locking block. Press the tooth plate to death. When the tailstock is to be moved, the two cylinders operate in the opposite direction, and the toothed plates are withdrawn from engagement with the rack of the bed. In addition, there are eight high-pressure cylinders on the tailstock, which are controlled by a special high-pressure oil pumping station. After the tailstock stops moving, these high-pressure cylinders can firmly clamp the tailstock and the bed, and the force points are evenly distributed, and the work is safe and reliable. .
The transmission part of the system structure adopts a structure that eliminates the transmission gap. The structure of the tailstock clamping device is the feeding motion of the X-axis and the U-axis and the V-axis, that is, the movement of the blade holder and the movement of the blade are driven by the ball screw. The ball nut adopts a double nut gasket type structure to apply the pre-tightening force, and the end of the ball screw also has an adjusting pad for pre-stretching the lead screw, the structure is simple, the rigidity is good, and the thermal deformation factor is fully considered in the adjustment. It can guarantee that there is no transmission gap in the whole process of the transmission.
The Z-axis feed motion, that is, the slide moves along the bed rail, using a double-gear rack mechanism. Develop a diagram of the drive train. The gears 6 and 7 in the figure mesh with the rack of the bed. When the power is transmitted to the shaft through the bevel gear pair and the gears 1, 2, the coarse adjustment is first carried out, and the adjustment gear 5 is lifted by the special accessory gear, so that the gear 4 rotates and the gear 3 does not rotate, so that the gears 6 and 7 and the bed are changed. The meshing position of the rack. When fine-tuning, the shaft A is rotated by another special attachment, so that the two pinions a and b on the shaft move up and down, and the two pinions rotate in opposite directions, and the directions of the gears 3 and 4 respectively meshed with them On the contrary, in this way, their meshing clearance can be eliminated. If the gear is worn after a period of use, it can also be adjusted by this method to eliminate the wear gap.
The DLA090 type CNC heavy-duty sleeper has a typical layout specification, and the structure is novel and reasonable. It can realize the car-based, car, milling and grinding process, complete functions and advanced performance. The numerical control technology adopted by the machine tool, high-precision detection and compensation technology, static pressure technology (including the main shaft hydrostatic bearing, the disc static pressure bracket, the static pressure guide longitudinal feed transmission system of each feed system) The multi-head pump technology of the oil supply has no gap transmission technology, and the machining and heat treatment technology of the main shaft and the large ring gear also have a relatively high level and have their own unique features. In order to adapt to the development of the market economy situation, multi-functional, high-efficiency, functional and technological requirements are appropriate, and moderately priced products participate in market competition, which is an important feature of the development of CNC heavy-duty horizontal lathes. The DLA090 type CNC heavy-duty sleeper basically has these characteristics, which enables users to obtain high processing precision and production efficiency with relatively economical processing means. The scope of application is quite wide, and the development prospect is very broad.
Nanhu 430068, Wuchang, Wuhan (Editor Wang Qi) (Continued from page 24) The 1CH6Si2Mo anti-wear tile is installed on the flue gas surface of the pipe group. The welded 1Cr6Si2Mo anti-wear cover is installed in the baffle and other baffles, and the wall pipe is also covered with the welding 1Cr6Si2Mo. The grinding tile effectively prevents the wear of the key parts.
2 Each panel has two 914mm heat-resistant stainless steel rods to assist the limit, which overcomes the positioning of the tube clamp only. After the stress release for a period of time, the pipe spacing changes to cause the flue gas to drift, forming a flue gas corridor, which is partially serious. Wear and even squib accidents.
3. Check the geometry of the boiler shaft wall. If the size is too small, the economizer cannot be installed; it is also necessary to ensure that the gap between the edge tube and the furnace wall of the economizer is not too large, otherwise the flue gas corridor is formed, causing the economizer tube to wear.
1. The speed of smoke is one of the most important parameters in the operation of the boiler. Its size will affect the service life of the economizer, reduce the speed of the smoke, and prolong the service life of the economizer. Before and after the transformation, the flue gas flow rate of the economizer heating surface is 1 times longer than that of Table 1.
3. In order to protect the economizer, the economizer is divided into three sections, and the cryogenic separator is placed between the middle and low section economizers. Due to the small ash concentration after the separator, the wear condition of the economizer in the low temperature section is further improved.
4 Adding tanks in the middle of all levels of economizers is conducive to overhauling 5 using straight finned serpentine tube panel panels, effectively resisting the wear caused by erosion.
After the economizer was rebuilt, after more than two years of operation, the boiler exhaust temperature and the economizer outlet water temperature met the design requirements, and no economizer leakage accident occurred, which did not adversely affect the boiler. During the short stop of the boiler in October 2003, the appearance of the economizer was in good condition, no ash was accumulated, and the wear condition was detected by the thickness gauge: the high temperature section tube 932mmX3. 4mm, the middle temperature section tube 932mi must 3. No obvious wear. The economizer is expected to last for three years. Practice has proved that the transformation has improved the wear condition of the economizer heating surface, prolonged the service life of the economizer, and improved the safety, economy and stability of the boiler.
Table 1 Economizer heating surface smoke velocity misheating surface high temperature section medium temperature section low temperature section import average import average average original design 8.957. 2 After the transformation, the economizer heating surface tube distribution is more reasonable, the flue gas flow rate is lower than the original design It is. According to the general wear calculation method at home and abroad, the wear is proportional to the 33th power of the smoke speed. Assume that the wear of the tube on the heated surface of the original design is 1. As the speed of the smoke decreases, the wear amount can be reduced to 0.44. After the transformation, the theoretical service life can be extended and the cause of the 2P high-voltage motor is about to be inaccurate. The reader apologizes.
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