Shengwei Elastomeric Slurry Sampling Valve Testing Online Successfully

Wuhan Shengwei Instrument Valve Co., Ltd. invented and developed a sample of the pulp slurry sampling valve, and the world’s first product with a new kinetic energy model—the TJQF-1000 no-flush elastic pulp slurry sample After more than three months of continuous use of the valve at the site, the valve has successfully completed the online dynamic testing process of the product machine and has been successful.

The test work is in the normal production process, the slurry temperature is basically in the 50 °C ~ 60 °C conditions, in a number of sampling sites, respectively, the different concentrations of pulp slurry were extracted from the sample operation. At the lower pulp concentration sampling point (desilient inlet and pressure screen inlet), the sealing performance was focused on. At the medium-density sampling point (input of slurry screens, etc.), the key to testing the state of the incoming pulp and adjusting the flow rate into the pulp flow. The test results reflect that the product is in normal use, and the manual key + manual reset operation is convenient, and the operation process is simple and labor-saving. After the sampling valve is closed, the seal is in good condition, and the sampling valve is opened. The plunger-like slurry inlet orifice is free from plugging of the slurry medium and the flow rate of the incoming slurry is smooth. The company also made corrections and adjustments to the subtleties reflected in the online dynamic use testing products. This new product and the company's extensive use of free-rinsing manual pulp slurry sampling valve for many years in the pulp and paper industry compared to its product features and performance is more superior, and fully reflected.

Starting from 2016, the newest product of Shengwei Company's flush-free flowable pulp slurry sampling valve will enter the stage of final correction and formal mass production. This will also enable the company's pulp slurry sampling valve products to have more scale and multi-species multi-functional advantages, product serialization chain will be further extended, so that this type of product in the company's market competitiveness has always maintained a leading domestic.

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