Steel transport safety first: light trucks are not suitable for long steel products

Recently, Xiao Bianlu encountered an accident. Occupational sensitivity drove Xiao Bian to stop to observe the cause of the accident and the scene. Analysis for everyone to learn lessons, driving safety first.


● The reason is that the short car is not tied tightly

The site is an open suburban road with two lanes and four lanes. The road conditions are good and there is no rain or snow. It was just bad light at night and the line of sight was poor.


At the scene, a single-row board light truck transports long I-beam components that are more than ten meters long. More than a dozen steels are placed in light-duty containers only through simple brackets, and are not tied tightly. This is a great safety hazard. This type of transportation has poor cornering stability. The driver should try to transport the goods to the urban area at night when the traffic flow is small.


After the accident, the site was littered with cargo and crashed supports, and fragments of car glass were also scattered. From this point of view, the occupant space of the cab is still there, and the driver should have no serious problems and have been sent to the hospital.

● The rescue staff is not professional and is prone to secondary injury

Xiao Bian saw that the scene was more messy. Rescue workers pass the steel by hand, and there are no warning signs such as reflective tripods on both ends of the road. This is dangerous.


Rescue workers were unable to do anything before the rescue machines such as cranes arrived on the scene. The first thing that should be done is to place warning signs around roads to avoid affecting other normal driving vehicles.


The light truck chassis is small and the wheelbase is short. When such a long cargo is transported, the front and rear of the vehicle must be left unconnected for a long period of time. This is a great security risk. The light truck has low power and the braking effect is poor. The goods are placed in suspension, and the goods are easily moved forward during sudden braking.

● Postscript:

Extra-long or extra-wide goods should still be transported by vehicles of corresponding length. In order to save freight and use light trucks to transport long steel products, it is hard to save money. In case of an accident, it will waste more money and time. It also compensates for the loss of public facilities such as guardrails. This is really a painful lesson.

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