KVH launches its 200,000th mobile satellite antenna

Recently, KVH Industrial announced that the company recently provided its 200,000th mobile satellite antenna, creating a new milestone in the mobile satellite antenna market.
These antennas include KVH Industries' award-winning TracPhone series of offshore broadband access satellite antenna systems and the company's award-winning TracVision family of satellite TV receiving antenna systems. These two series of satellite antenna systems provide reliable and robust connectivity and access to thousands of merchant ships, recreational yachts, first responders and multi-purpose recreational coaches around the world every day.
It is reported that the satellite communication antenna provided by KVH Industrial Company includes the highly acclaimed TracPhone V-IP series. This series of antennas is specially designed for KVH Industries' mini-VSAT broadband network. Launched in 2007, the mini-VSAT broadband network will provide connectivity for merchant ships and recreational yachts around the world. The antenna is the market leader in the maritime very small aperture terminal (VSAT), with a 2:1 share of its largest competitor. KVH Industrial's TracPhone system has received 13 certifications from the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA).
KVH Industrial's TracPhone V-IP series antennas have enabled seafarers on the ocean to communicate with their families. The shipowners optimize operational efficiency. The yacht owners who are cruising will remain connected to their shores and with the US Coast Guard and the government. The fleet maintains mission-critical communications.
KVH Industries' award-winning TracVision satellite TV receiving antenna system is designed to provide tracking, receiving, and coverage of countless marine and terrestrial applications, whether it's the power of a family going out to coastal fishing or taking a bus to compete in a physical team. Powerful satellite TV system. The TracVision family of satellite antennas, which are compatible with all Ku-band direct-to-home (DTH) services around the world, is a breakthrough development for satellite antennas that were introduced in 1994 and have established technical benchmarks. Advances in the TracVision family of satellite antennas include TriADC technology such as signal strength RingFire antenna technology and simultaneous reception of three different Ku- and Ka-band satellite TV broadcasts.
It is understood that the versatility of the TracVision series of satellite antennas means that there is an affordable and convenient and reliable reception of satellite TV programs for shipowners, merchant ships, patrol boats, RV users, emergency response or rental bus passengers. Everything you need.
KVH Industries' TracVision system has been recognized by the National Marine Electronics Association for 18 consecutive years.

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