What regulations should be complied with when using the filling mining method?

1 Filling mining method should be used for deposits with high ore value, surface protection, complex ore body shape, and poor stability of ore rock;
2 In the design of the filling mining method, it is advisable to increase the stratification height; when conditions permit, the empty field mining method should be used to fill the raft;
The 3- stage recovery sequence should be top-down mining; when the upward filling method is adopted, the bottom-up phase can be used to pick up the sequence; when the ore body is deep, the upper and lower sections can be harvested at the same time;
4 The mining method is used to mine the gently inclined adjacent veins. The ore veins should be first collected, and the upper veins should be harvested. The lower mining stop should be filled and topped;
5 The mining of the pillars should be designed at the same time as the mine mining. Filled stope was cemented studs, should be used to fill the charge layering or subsequent recovery mining method, or a top hierarchical approach is appropriate pillar recovery filling method;
6 The ore recovery rate of the filling mining method shall not be less than 90% for medium and thick ore bodies ; the thin ore body shall not be less than 85% ; the thick ore body of deep wells may be appropriately reduced.

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