Common problems and treatment of the barrel magnetic separator

1. Pouring the mine end

Reason 1: The amount of ore is too large and the ore is uneven. The reason for the large amount of ore is that the ore is too large for the grinding operation, the mill is rough, and the amount of ore is reduced.

Reason 2: The slurry pump is not adjusted well, causing the pump to gasp, the flow rate is suddenly large and small, the slurry pump is adjusted, and the flow is stabilized;

Reason 3: The bottom of the tank is clogged, causing the magnetic separator to reduce the throughput and flushing the tank with a water pipe;

Reason 4: The unloading clearance is too small, and the maintenance personnel are notified to adjust;

Cause 5: The working gap of the tank is too small, which affects the throughput of magnetic separation.

2. The ore level is too small or the concentrate is discharged.

Reason 1: Block the mine pipe or the mine gate, and clear the mine pipe and gate;

Reason 2: Most of the bottom of the tank is clogged or full, mainly because the grinding is too thick, causing the flushing water pipe to rush and block;

Reason 3: The tank or tailings pipe is worn out. Because the wear or the installation of the flushing water pipe is not correct, the bottom tank or the tailings pipe is leaked, so that the ore is directly leaked into the tailings;

Reason 4: The magnetic declination is reversed or small, which will not only cause the ore to mine, but also affect the discharge of concentrate.

3. The magnetic separator with load runs suddenly stops

For whatever reason, the magnetic separator must stop pressing the stop button first, and stop the valve to find the reason:

Reason 1: The debris in the tank enters the cylinder, or the wear-resistant layer falls off and blocks the cylinder. The accident valve is opened to remove the debris, and the wear-resistant layer is cut off.

Cause 2: The power supply system or the power distribution system is faulty. If it is an electrical fault, it must be handled by an electrician. Do not do it yourself;

Reason 3: The transmission system of the transmission part is faulty or the slurry or magnetic block falls off in the cylinder body, and the maintenance personnel are inspected.

4. There is sound in the cylinder, there is sound outside the cylinder

Reason 1: Individual magnetic blocks in the magnetic system fall off

Due to the long-term operation of the equipment, the individual magnetic blocks are not firmly bonded or the adhesive is aged, and the magnetic block fixing bolts loosen and fall off, which may cause the magnetic blocks to fall off. The wear of the magnetic separator is such that the gap between the magnetic system and the cylinder becomes smaller, so that the individual magnetic blocks first touch the cylinder and rub off, causing frictional friction, and in serious cases, the cylinder is worn out. In this case, the leader should report to the leader and arrange for maintenance personnel to overhaul:

Reason 2: The gap between the magnetic system and the cylinder is too small or the cylinder is not round

The gap between the magnetic system and the cylinder is generally required to be between 2-3 mm. If the gap between the magnetic system and the cylinder is too small, or the roundness of the cylinder is not enough, the magnetic system is at a higher point, and the magnetic system and the inside of the cylinder will be rubbed. I can't even move. Mainly in the assembled magnetic system, ash, sand, crushed scrap iron or magnet block sandwiched causing junction portion of the magnetic system, such as found in this case must be out of the magnetic system, reassemble the cylinder body.

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