Summer car engine maintenance tips

Summer car engine maintenance tips

Introduction: In order to avoid scorching sun burning, people go out more and more to choose to drive, and in such a high temperature for the car's heart - the car engine is also a great challenge. It provides power for the car's movement, and it is related to the dynamics, economy, and environmental protection of the car. In this kind of environment, we can't ignore the links when car engine maintenance.

Due to the need for frequent start-stops, or the lack of timely replacement of engine oil in some vehicles, engine oil accumulations that are harmful to the engine will be accumulated. These grease will cause problems such as reduced engine lubrication and blocked fuel pipes. Affects the normal life of the engine. So how do you maintain the engine?

First of all, to regularly check the performance of the engine, such as regular replacement of engine oil and oil filter, in the usual should pay more attention to whether the engine is abnormal, find problems and timely inspection and repair, do not drag the small problem into a big problem. In addition, in the hot weather, long-term driving should pay attention to the water temperature, if the temperature is too high to be adjusted in time, the solemn situation can check whether the lack of antifreeze caused by the first open the car to the place with cool shade side, but be careful not to turn off, Open the engine cover and cool the engine. After the temperature is lowered, add antifreeze. Never avoid the injection of cold water into the engine. Hot quenching can cause the engine to burst, causing serious consequences. Secondly, due to the high temperature, the water in the water tank of the automobile must also be inspected in a timely manner, and the problem must be promptly repaired. Finally, we must remind everyone that it is best to avoid ingress of water in the air intake system during summer months. If the engine is flooded with water for a long period of time, this may cause engine parts to rust and affect the life of the engine.

The majority of riders do not have to worry too much. The maintenance of automobile engines is started from the usual accumulation. As long as you pay attention to the situation of your car engine, check the maintenance regularly, and find problems and repair in time, I believe you can avoid a lot of unnecessary troubles, and you can also Your car is happy to spend this hot summer.

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