According to the "going out" of enterprises, the characteristics of Japanese lighting market

I. The share of LED lighting products in the Japanese lighting market has increased significantly. The magnitude 9.9 earthquake that broke out in March 2011 is an opportunity for the rapid development of LED lighting in Japan. The nuclear leakage caused by the earthquake has caused a subversive change in the energy consumption concept of the Japanese people. Nuclear energy is no longer a worry-free, and the urgent need for lighting energy-saving has made emerging LED lighting use. Since 2011, LED replacement products (Retrofit) have grown rapidly, and have occupied less than three years. Most of the lighting market is on the market; while LED has the advantages of energy saving and long life, which makes the replacement product market approaching saturation at the end of 2013, and the market potential is turning to the direction of LED integrated lamps. The industrial planning of the Japan Lighting Industry Association envisages that in 2020, the Japanese lighting market will sell 100% of its LED products; by 2030, all lighting products including market sales and stocks will be LED products. Overall, Japan is currently the developed country with the highest penetration rate of LED lighting in the world. Second, the Japanese market is seriously divided at two levels. The new companies are difficult to take the lead in Panasonic and Toshiba. The two brands account for about 70% of the total Japanese general lighting market. Endo, Iwasaki, Koizumi, etc. In the field of lighting, each show its magic. Although IrisOhyama, SHARP, NEC and other high-growth LED replacement products after the East Japan earthquake have occupied a place in the market, but at present, Matsushita Toshiba's market position is still unshakable. As the Japanese lighting brand, Panasonic has frequently expanded its international territory in the past few years. It has acquired the American famous company Universal, the German accessory manufacturer VS and the Indian electric lighting brand Anchor. The sales of the lighting business surpassed GE, and there is no such thing. However, due to the economic downturn, shrinking demand and fierce competition in the past two years, the two men are gradually recycling. Panasonic has closed factories in Hangzhou, Indonesia and China. Toshiba announced its withdrawal from the white LED business last year. The Chinese business of lighting was sold to Konka. Third, the market is relatively closed In addition to the deep-rooted reasons in the field of cultural awareness, Japan has a strong product development and manufacturing capabilities, and a complete supporting industry, which also determines that it is a relatively closed market. Strong as international giants PHILIPS and OSRAM have not really opened up the Japanese market, only relying on the acquisition of IrisOhyama and the joint venture with Mitsubishi to establish OSRAM-MELCO (the company has stopped) to reluctantly enter. Fourth, the entry threshold is higher In the Japanese market, the lighting product certification is self-contained (PSE certification), and the electrical safety requirements are strict. For example, the external power supply LED lamps require Class A PSE diamond certification. LED lamps with built-in power supply and self-ballasted LED bulbs require Class B PSE circular certification. In addition, the power supply must be isolated power supply, and the chip and phosphor of the whole lamp are also patented. In general, the entry threshold is high. The requirements of individual customers are also high, but the total amount and profit are considerable, the reputation is generally good, and enterprises suitable for producing medium and high-end products enter.

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