Wuda's independent research and development of middle and upper atmosphere observation equipment to fill the gap in China

Hubei Daily News: With independent research and international leading observation equipment, Wuda has been committed to atmospheric remote sensing observations for six years and obtained a large amount of first-hand data on the middle and upper atmosphere, filling the gap in China. Not long ago, the Observatory was approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology and officially became a "national team."
At present, the atmospheric models used in the fields of atmospheric science and space physics in China are almost all from publicly available materials. The main reason is the lack of large-scale remote sensing equipment in China for a long time, and it has not been able to establish an effective detection base for the basic parameters of the middle and upper atmosphere. Lack of data.
In response to this reality, as the first batch of "Changjiang Scholars" special professors of the Ministry of Education, Professor Yi Fan, the stationmaster of the Observatory, led the research team. Since 2000, he has devoted himself to the research and development of observation equipment, independently designed and successfully developed the mainstream in today's world. High-level atmospheric remote sensing detection equipment: sodium fluorescence/Rayleigh laser radar with the largest power aperture product in Asia, the first iron fluorescence/Rayleigh laser radar in Asia, Asia's first iron Boltzmann mid-level temperature laser radar, Asia's first Ca /Ca+Lidar, etc.
The successful development and application of these observation devices have greatly improved the detection capability of the middle and upper atmosphere in China. The laser radar remote sensing detection of the middle and upper atmosphere has jumped from almost blank to the international frontier level. Among them, sodium fluorescence/Rayleigh laser radar has more than 2,000 hours of observation data, and the iron fluorescence/Rayleigh laser radar has also obtained more than 900 hours of observation data. The relevant research results are in the core geophysical exploration of geophysical exploration. Published in the Geophysical Bulletin, and highly praised: “shows an exciting observational phenomenon”, “These observations and conclusions are significant and will likely trigger new research in this area”.
Dr. Huang Chunming from the Observatory said: "With these first-hand data, we can conduct in-depth theoretical and model research to reveal the basic laws of the upper atmosphere structure and disturbances in the central part of China, thus establishing China's first generation of practical The middle and upper atmosphere numerical model."

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