There is a charging pile called a foreign charging pile

Lead: Do you know? In 2015, the number of charging piles that China plans to build will reach 240,000, and the total amount is 10 times that of last year! In Beijing, the city has built a total of 1,500 public charging piles, and more than 60% of them are located within the Fifth Ring. So, what is the status of foreign charging pile construction? Is it better than we think?

â–ˆ United States: One second change to "pile east"

In the old United States, the sales of electric vehicles have accounted for 45% of the world's total. As of last June, Uncle Sam has sold a total of 227,000 electric vehicles. The reason that electric vehicles can be so popular in the United States and the US government attaches importance to the construction of charging piles are inextricably linked. According to statistics, the current number of electric piles put into use in the United States has exceeded 50,000.

ChargPoint is one of the largest electric vehicle charging pile service providers in the United States. At present, the charging piles they have built account for 40% of the total number of charging piles in the United States. In addition, citizens can download App via mobile phone to find nearby free charging piles. They can even change the “pile east” by buying electric piles. !

â–ˆ Japan: more charging piles than gas stations

Like Japan, Old America is also a big country for electric cars. With the growing demand for charging piles from the public, the number of charging piles is also increasing. At present, in this small island nation, the country already has a total of 40,000 car charging posts, including household charging posts, which has exceeded the number of traditional gas stations!

In addition, the construction of charging piles can be promoted not only by the government, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, and Mitsubishi, but also by Japan’s policy investment banks and Japan’s policy investment banks. The “Japan Charging Services” company has been established to take charge of charging. The installation cost of the pile and the free warranty of 8 years are really the responsibility and ambition!

In addition, Japanese convenience store giants such as the whole family and Rosen have also raised their hands to express their willingness to speed up the construction of charging facilities, in the hope of increasing the flow of people and ultimately achieving a win-win situation.

â–ˆ United Kingdom: Charging pile is wireless wow

Though the pride of the English people looks old-fashioned and serious, they are really unambiguous about the "wireless charging technology for electric cars." At the end of last year, Qualcomm Group, which is living alone, announced that it will invest in Chargemaster, the UK's largest charging service provider, to accelerate the deployment of charging posts in the UK and develop wireless charging technology for electric vehicles.

Today, Chargemaster has laid 27,000 charging posts in public areas, offices and residential areas in the UK. With the continuous improvement of the charging network, the willingness of British citizens to purchase new energy vehicles will continue to increase.

â–ˆ France: electric piles do not give power, subsidies are involuntary

In recent years, with the French government’s “willfulness” subsidy for new energy vehicles, people’s buying of new energy vehicles is also on the rise. However, on the contrary, there are only 8,000 charging piles currently used in France, which cannot meet the market demand for electric vehicles.

In order to solve this problem, the French government clashed after deliberation: In the next three years, France will add 16,000 charging piles to the existing charging network, and it is expected to invest 80 million to 100 million euros. It is reported that Bolloré and the associated companies of the French Electric Group and Renault Group will participate in the construction of electric vehicle charging stations.

â–ˆ Germany: 30 minutes, 80 cars with electric cars

As the hometown of Ma Tsai (BMW), Stupid (Benz) and Didi (Audi), Germany is still very focused on the development of electric vehicles. Moreover, the government has also spoken outside. By 2020, the number of electric vehicles on the road in Germany will reach 1 million.

However, the ideal is full and the reality is very edgy. At present, there are only about 100,000 electric vehicles on the road in Germany, and there are only about 2,100 charging piles. Therefore, even if the public has the intention to purchase a new source car, it is very likely that it will scrap iron halfway.

Worthy of praise is that Germany’s attitude toward the issue is still quite positive. In the near future, the government decided to target 400 major fast-charged piles for major cities and traffic arteries by 2017. It requires that electric vehicles must be filled with 80 cells in half an hour, and that European standard connectors must be uniformly used.

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