The importance of carpet maintenance Carpet maintenance procedures

As a decorative material with strong practicality, carpets are widely used not only in commercial hotels, guesthouses, office buildings, entertainment venues, etc. At the same time, carpets have entered the homes of ordinary people. For the health of you and your family, experts recommend that the carpet should be vacuumed, cleaned and disinfected.
While people enjoy the convenience and comfort of rugs, they also bring a lot of unfavorable factors to people: The quail breeds on carpets, and it depends on eating tiny squamas on the skin to sustain life. Once it touches the human body, You will invade the lungs and bronchus, and children are more likely to get sick.

Carpets should always be vacuumed, cleaned and disinfected. Adsorption of dust, mildew, odor, bacteria, pathogenic worms and other harmful substances, seriously affect people's physical and mental health. However, by cleaning and maintenance can effectively inhibit and eliminate the negative side effect of the carpet. Using professional pharmaceuticals, professional cleaning equipment, and professional techniques, the carpet can achieve stain removal, germs, aphids, and odors. The carpet after cleaning has no stain, no odor, no mildew, and can form a protective film on the carpet surface.
Carpet maintenance procedures

1. For temporarily used carpets, they should be rolled up along the direction of straight hair and stored in a cool, dry place. When the roll is rolled, the edge of the blanket should be neat, no screw-like edges should be allowed, and pest control drugs should be sprayed and wrapped with moisture-proof materials to prevent moisture or contamination.

2. When placing furniture on the carpet, the parts contacting the carpet are preferably separated with gaskets to relieve the pressure on the carpet surface and avoid deformation.

3, laying carpets should be avoided direct sunlight. During use, it must not be contaminated with oil, acid, tea stains, etc. If it is defiled, it should be promptly removed.
4. During the use process, regular cleaning and dust removal should be done. It is best to clean it with a vacuum cleaner every day along the anterograde direction. The cleaning tool used must not be toothed or have rough edges so as not to damage the carpet.

5, carpets, such as the occurrence of local galls or wear, should be promptly repaired by professionals.

6, cigarette butts. Today's carpets are generally flame-retardant, but not every carpet has a flame-retardant function. Whether it is flame-retardant or not flame-retardant, once the cigarette is dropped on it, at least a small coke pit will be burned out. So when laying carpets, there should be a small piece of leftovers at home. When this occurs, cut the charred part of the blanket first with scissors, and then use a pair of scissors to cut out a small portion of the leftover blanket and glue it to the burnt pit that has been trimmed. Let it dry after combing it.
7. Dirty carpets can be cleaned after a period of time by a professional cleaning company using machines. The interval can be determined by the degree of contamination.

8. The carpet is stained with stains or traces. It should be immersed in milk for a while, then brushed with a brush to wipe the milk; animal and vegetable traces can be wiped with higher purity cotton; the juice and beer juice should be used first. Wipe the detergent solution with a cloth, and then wipe it with warm water and a little vinegar solution; if it is difficult to solve the ink traces, sprinkle the fine salt at the stain and then wipe it off with warm water and soap.

9, often vacuum: vacuum cleaning is the most basic work of carpet maintenance, can effectively remove the carpet surface dust, it is easy to operate but easy to be despised, to know that once the dust deposition is difficult to remove, so be sure to vacuum every day, There must be no thought of smoking tomorrow.

10. Decontamination: Carpets inevitably cause local pollution due to human factors during use. If they are found to be contaminated, they should be immediately removed. Generally, the best decontamination time for stains is not more than three days. It is not currently in the world. All stains can be removed by detergents, but most of the stains are removed as soon as they are found, leaving no permanent stubbornness.

11. Cleaning: Regularly cleaning the carpet by proper method can restore the original appearance of the carpet and prolong its service life. At present, the most widely used is the cleaning method called dry cleaning (dry bubble or dry powder), which is to clean the carpet surface. Simple operation, fast drying, less damage to the carpet.
12, deep treatment: When the carpet is in a state of moisture, oil pollution, or due to decontamination is not timely cause the dirt to penetrate the carpet root, then the general cleaning method is difficult to wash thoroughly, need to use cleaning methods to clean It can remove stains and sand dust deep into the carpet fiber's roots, but at the same time it leaves a lot of water, which can easily cause carpet mildew and reduce carpet life.

13. Don't use toothed or rough-edged tools when cleaning, this will damage the carpet surface fiber. If the carpet appears bristle hair, you need to use a clean towel soaked in hot water to wipe, and straight comb with the comb, wet iron with a wet iron pad, and then iron to restore the original state. In use, the floor of the furniture should be placed on the carpet or the furniture should be moved frequently. For areas with severe wear, covers should be protected.

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