Suzhou Metrology Institute obtained a utility model patent for a scientific research achievement in flow measurement

[ Instrument Network Instrument Development ] At present, China's trade settlement of gas is mainly based on volume flow, and the measuring instruments used are mainly smart gas flow meters. It consists of a flowmeter base meter and a gas volume corrector. The flowmeter base meter is usually a turbine flowmeter, a lumbar flowmeter, etc., which measures the cumulative volumetric flow of the gas under operating conditions (20 ° C, 101.325 kPa) (ie, cumulative flow of operating conditions).
The volume correcting instrument receives the pulse signal output from the base meter of the flow meter and the temperature and pressure sensor signals provided by the meter, and calculates the cumulative volume flow (ie, the cumulative flow of the standard condition) under the gas standard reference condition by the mathematical model to realize the trade metering. And display, store and output. The accuracy of the volume corrector's measurement of the temperature sensor, pressure sensor and flowmeter base meter output is directly related to the accuracy of trade measurement.
At present, most of the industrial gas metering processes in the market use a volume corrector, but at present, the calibration/calibration object of the gas flow meter in China is mainly the flow meter base table. The verification/calibration of the volume corrector is mainly used. The way in which the pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and flow signal are detected separately. Specifically, the detection of the pressure portion of the volume corrector pressure sensor mainly uses a hand-held pressure pump with a digital pressure gauge. The detection process has problems such as cumbersome pressing process, high pressure not easy to reach, and airtightness defects; The detection is mainly carried out by using a dry metering furnace. The time required for the temperature rise and decrease process in the test is long, and the temperature sensor of the partial volume corrector is large in volume, and cannot be deeply placed in the dry metering furnace, which makes it impossible to accurately detect; The reading of pressure, temperature and flow data is done by manual reading, and the human factor is large. Therefore, it is urgent to provide a new type of gas flow volume corrector detection device, which can conveniently and accurately verify the volume corrector.
In response to the above problems, the Flow Measurement Room of the Metrology and Testing Institute of Suzhou City has developed a “Automatic Detection Device for Gas Flow Volume Corrector”. The device can realize automatic rapid adjustment of pressure point and constant voltage, temperature constant and automatic data acquisition, which greatly improves the verification efficiency and accuracy.
Recently, the device was awarded a utility model patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Brass cage spherical Roller Bearing , which have two rows of barrel shaped symmetrical rollers, and held in a brass cage without fixed middle block. a common sphered outer ring raceway and two inner ring raceways inclined at an angle to the bearing axis .Therefore, spherical roller bearings are self-aligning and insensitive to misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing, The center point of the sphere in the outer ring raceway is at the roller bearing axis. modified line contact between rollers and internal & external ring to achieve maximum loading capacity. mainly bear radial load.

Brass Cage Spherical Roller Bearing


brass cages Spherical Roller Bearing have a much higher resistance to adhesive bonding, for this reason, even in harsh conditions, when lubrication is insufficient, they enable bearings to attain the design rating life. The design of Spherical Roller Bearing allows the roller rows in roller bearing to run at different speeds, thereby enabling the bearing to absorb high levels of linear deviation.  Spherical roller bearings have high radial load capacity, which is especially suitable for work under the heavy load, high shock or vibration load and misaligned loads, but can't afford to pure axial load.

Brass Cage Spherical Roller Bearing


Due to customers` requirements, XKTE can offer different structures of spherical roller bearing, such as steel sheet metal frame structure(C type), brass solid cage structure(CA type/M type)


When a rolling bearing equipped with a steel cage works in condition of poor lubrication, hard contaminants might appear as a result of the adhesive wear at the cage-rolling element contact. Since sliding cannot be eliminated in the contacts between the cage and other bearing parts, the cage itself is the first component to be affected when lubrication becomes inadequate. Select a cage material able to ensure, against hardened steel and in boundary lubrication regime, reduced values for the friction coefficient as well as a very high resistance to welding. In this regard, brass proved to be the best choice.

Spherical Roller

Some spherical roller bearing variants may include perforated outer ring and oil groove features in their design to facilitate easier lubrication and further extending their longevity. with the suffix W33 or H.



Spherical roller bearing are available with heavy duty rollers and cages that are suitable for extreme demand harsh applications such as vibratory screens. Mining Conveyor Machine, and mining bulk Conveyor Pulley. In this sort of aggressive operational environment, the spherical roller bearing is the only type that delivers acceptable service life. generally have a longer life span than other bearing types.


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Brass Cage Spherical Roller Bearing

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