New packaging materials forming key equipment achievements to fill the domestic gap

The “Establishment of Key Equipment and Technology for High-performance Polymer Packaging Materials Based on Simulation”, which was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, was held in the city yesterday morning. The research results were successfully passed. Experts believe that The indicators of the results have met or exceeded the national standards, and the technical level is at the international leading level.

According to reports, the research project was approved by the Provincial Science and Technology Department in 1999. It was jointly funded by South China University of Technology and City Huilong Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. under the auspices of Guangdong Province and the National Natural Science Foundation and the Science and Technology Project. It is a composite independent innovation achievement of computer technology modeling and simulation, rheology, mechanical equipment, control, polymer materials and other technologies and disciplines.

The extruder developed by the research results is called "chaotic mixing type low energy extruder". On-site inspection by the Guangdong Provincial Technical Supervision Machinery Product Quality Inspection Station showed that the extruder achieved a major breakthrough in energy consumption. Previously, China's polymer packaging material extrusion compound production line has long been monopolized by foreign companies, mainly imported from Japan Sumitomo, Modern and Musashino, South Korea Xing'an and other companies. This achievement has achieved independent intellectual property rights, filled the domestic gap, broke the long-term monopoly of foreign products in the Chinese market, and produced good economic and social benefits. The results are of great significance for the development of China's packaging industry and the promotion of packaging technology and the enhancement of product competitiveness in China's food, beverage, dairy, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural chemical industries.

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